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Animal Rights Protection Policy


The animal rights protection policy of the Quicksource® company is based on Act No. 246/1992 Coll., on the protection of animals against cruelty, on the relevant regulations of the European Union and on the international treaties to which the Czech Republic has committed to and expresses respect for all animal rights.


With this animal rights protection policy, Quicksource® declares its commitment to their protection and sets principles for its activities and behavior in relation to animals.


  • From our point of view, wild, domestic, and farm animals are creatures that must be exceptionally protected because of their defenselessness towards humans.
  • Animal rights are as important to us as human rights and for this reason:
  • We strictly comply with all binding local and international animal protection laws as well as ethical and moral standards aimed at greater protection of animals against cruelty.
  • We condemn any form, manifestation and/or promotion of animal cruelty.
  • We do not cooperate with companies or institutions that support or profit from animal cruelty.
  • We support all activities aimed at greater protection of animals against abuse.


Compliance with this policy applies to all employees of our company as well as employees of subsidiaries and sister companies. We also require compliance with this policy from subcontractors working on our premises. We enforce this policy with all our subcontractors and suppliers. We are governed by the laws of the countries in which we operate and are committed to complying with all such laws during the implementation of this policy.

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