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Human rights compliance policy


The Policy of Human Rights of our company expresses our respect to all human rights. This Policy is based on:

  • UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Conventions which form the International Charter of Human Rights;
  • Declaration on Essential Principles and Rights of the International Labour Organization.


The Policy of Human Rights of our company establishes the principles for our activities and conduct in terms of human rights.


This Policy applies to all employees of our company, as well as the employees of our filial and affiliated companies. We also require the compliance with this policy from our subcontractors who work in our premises. Also, we enforce this Policy with all our suppliers and subcontractors.

This Policy summarizes the aspects of human rights from other policies and guidelines of our company. When implementing this Policy, we adhere to the law of the countries we operate in and we pledge to comply with all of these laws.

Forced or Involuntary Labour

We use neither forced nor involuntary labour of any type (for example, forced labour, involuntary labour, labour of unqualified persons or involuntary labour of prisoners); the activities are voluntary.

Child Labour

We use no child labour. The expression “child” applies to any employed person of under 15 years of age (or, respectively, 14 in countries where permitted by law) or any person who has yet not achieved the age requested for the completion of compulsory education or any person who has yet not reached the age as required by law in the respective country, whichever of the options is the highest. We support the legally approved schedules of apprentice centres which comply with all legal acts and regulations concerning such apprentice centre schemes.

Rewards and Benefits

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations concerning wages and working hours, including the minimum wage, overtime labour, piece rate and other elements of wage and we will provide all the benefits as required by law.


We never discriminate applicants when hiring and employing employees due to their race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic background, sexual orientation, sex, sexual identity, marital status, pregnancy, political opinions or disabilities.

Respect and Respectable Conduct

We treat each employee with respect; we use no corporal punishment, threat with violence or other forms of physical violence or harassment.

Freedom of Assembly

We respect the statutory rights of employees to assemble or not to engage in employee organizations including the union organizations. We create favourable employee conditions and maintain effective programmes of communication with employees as a tool to develop positive relationships with employees.

Health and Labour Safety

We provide safe and healthy workplace for our employees, in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. In compliance with these obligations, we implement effective schemes which include the protection of lives, inspection of events, chemical safety, ergonomics etc., and we provide the same standards in terms of health and labour safety in all promises we provide to our employees. We have implemented control systems in order to comply with these requirements.

Environmental Protection

We conduct our activities in a way which protects the environment. We comply with all relevant law, regulations and standards concerning the environment, such as requirements on the handling and disposal of chemical products and waste, recycling, handling and disposal of industrial waste water, management of air-borne emissions and compliance with all licences and reports concerning the environment. We have implemented control systems in order to comply with these requirements.

Laws, including Regulations, and Other Legal Requirements

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations at all places where the supplier conducts his business.


We always proceed in compliance with the ultimate ethic principles. We adhere to all legislation regarding bribery, corruption and illegal business practices. We make neither offers nor promises, we conduct no payments or gifts (be it a monetary amount or any valuable), direct nor indirect, in favour of anyone, in order to influence or convince anyone to influence a decision in favour of our company, our filial or affiliated companies nor anyone else.

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