Why with us

Welcome to the world of IT projects for IT freelancers

What you can expect?

Interesting projects

  • we have diverse projects with a wide range of clients from large corporations to small companies with an interesting product

We are your guide

  • during negotiations on a new project, we act as your intermediary with the potential client

Fair dealing – always

  • we aim to talk to you and act as fairly as possible
  • we aim to negotiate the best possible conditions for the given project
  • we are your intermediary for negotiations with the client

We pay invoices on time

  • and if possible, we try to pay invoices before their due date
  • we are your partners and therefore, in the event of unexpected circumstances, we do our best to accommodate you and pay your invoice earlier or send a deposit

We have long-term experience in IT recruitment

  • our consultants have more than 10 years of experience in IT recruitment, so we can really be your partner, we understand the positions and know how to ask the client

We educate ourselves to understand you

  • in order to best understand your profile and the client’s requirements, we are constantly educating ourselves, reading and Googling

We do not spam

  • we aim to send you only relevant offers that match your profile

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