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About us

We are a company providing IT specialist capacities, outsourcing of select information technology services and IT consulting and advisory services.

We offer our customers:

  • short-term and long-term capacities of scarce IT specialists, both individuals and entire teams, including project management (for projects lasting from several weeks to several years): IT Contracting (Bodyshop),
  • takeover of your tried and tested IT specialists who can continue to work on your projects without interruption: : IT Outstaffing,
  • the use of temporary excess capacity of your IT specialists at other customers  IT Cross-Sourcing,
  • outsourcing of select information technology services,
  • IT consulting and advisory services.

We currently manage a portfolio of more than 85,000 high-quality IT specialists from basically all IT specialties (especially development, analysis, architecture and testing), market sectors (mainly banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy and manufacturing) and qualification levels (from graduates to senior experts). The database of our IT specialists includes experts from both the Czech Republic and abroad.

We offer the possibility of transferring the IT specialists provided by us to a regular status.

We are equipped with a CRM system that enables the registration and management of our portfolio of IT specialists, projects and customers, their interconnection, communication and the use of search tools, which ensures the availability of current information, report preparation and full substitutability in operational matters.

We have our own multilingual Support Center, whose employees:

  • manage the portfolio of our IT specialists and maintain regular contact with them,
  • regularly monitor and update information on individual IT specialists in the CRM system, especially their current allocation, current availability for other projects, their education, qualification and specialization, financial requirements, and other conditions (the system is equipped with algorithms that subsequently automatically evaluate suitability and availability of individual IT specialists for specific projects or customers),
  • search for and register new IT specialists for our customers’ projects,
  • help Key Account managers and consultants in organization of the work of IT specialists on specific projects.

We have access to the extensive capabilities and resources of our parent company DRILL, and in particular its IT/TELCO team.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors mainly by providing fast and simple solutions. In particular, correct understanding of the nature and urgency of individual customer needs, together with the use of practical approaches and methods, allows us to succeed even where our competitors have not correctly understood the needs of their customers and failed to meet expectations with their service delivery results.

We have been operating independently on the market under the name QuickSource® since 2015, when our company was created by separation of the IT division of the parent company DRILL into a new business entity with the aim of providing customers with a better, individual approach, specific solutions and expertise. Under the umbrella of DRILL, we have been providing customers with IT contracting services since 2005. We currently operate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also provide our services to many foreign customers, especially in Poland, Germany, Russia, Romania, Slovenia and others. Our clients include large international corporations as well as medium and small local companies from all industry and trade sectors. Wea aim to create long-term, mutually beneficial and strategic partnerships with our customers.

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