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Quality policy

This Quality Policy establishes the fundamental corporate values and objectives which the management of this company has committed to promote toward the fulfillment of the strategic vision and mission of the organization.

Vision of the Organization

We want each of our customers to become our long-term partner.

Mission of the Organization

The services we offer must always provide our customers and partners with clearly defined added value. We can be successful only if our partners and customers are successful as well.

I.     Relationship to customers

Requirements and Expectations – Under all circumstances to meet the requirements of our customers, to exceed their expectations, and to pleasantly surprise them with the quality of our products and services. To carefully listen to our customers with the goal of analyzing their needs and expectations.

Reliability – To fulfill the requirements and wishes of our customers always on time and at the quality requested and expected. We promise only what we can deliver – and we always keep our promises.

Efficiency – To bring our customers practical and simple solutions with explicitly defined benefits.

Partnership – To work together closely and to create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. We are certain that the best solution is always the result of collaborative work, as well as shared knowledge and experience.

Trustworthiness – To respect and consistently protect the rightful interests of our customers.

II.   Quality of services provided

Professionalism – To apply the principle of absolute professionalism in all areas of our activity. To establish demanding and realistic operational, commercial, and financial goals, and to create the conditions necessary for their fulfillment.

Innovation – To ensure the continual prosperity of the organization by providing quality consulting and other services to our customers, and their ongoing improvement.

III.   Integrity

In all areas of our activity to consistently adhere to valid laws, ethical principles, and professional standards. In all circumstances to take a just, objective, independent and fact-based approach, and always to operate in accordance with these principles.

IV.   Relationship with partners, providers and third parties

To demand of our partners and providers the same responsible attitude toward the provision of services that we do of ourselves. We select only those partners and suppliers whose quality, technical qualifications, customer approach and technical standard ceaselessly correspond to our high demands and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. To build with our partners, providers, and other interested parties long-term relationships founded on mutual trust and respect.

V.   Workers

Selection – To carry out the selection of workers exclusively on the basis of their professional and personal abilities, without discrimination.

Development – To fully make use of and develop creative potential, and to constantly attend to the training and personal development of our employees.

Motivation – Through appropriate personal motivation, support of open communication, respect toward individual personality, and improvement of the work environment to create conditions for employee loyalty and their active participation in achieving the results of the company.

VI.   Procedural system of organization management

By means of the ISO series 9000 standards to execute a procedural system of organizational management (quality management system – QMS), which is understood as an opportunity and resource for optimizing all company processes, and to provide the tools for their constant refinement.

VII.   Corporate responsibility

We actively subscribe to the concept of social responsibility and ethical conduct with the goal of contributing to the development of society and the increase in quality of life of individuals and communities. We recognize our responsibility not merely for resources entrusted to us, but also for the society in which we do business, and of which we are a part. We consider social responsibility a long-term commitment and an investment in the future.

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