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  2. Rules of Responsible Marketing

Rules of Responsible Marketing


These rules govern the basic philosophy and principles directing our marketing communications, promotions, and advertising:

  • to all products and services offered and provided by us;
  • through all platforms and media;
  • in all markets where we operate;

especially with regards to the protection of fair competition and consumer rights.


Our marketing and advertising communication and promotion of our products and services:

  • is based on social and professional responsibility and corresponds to the generally respected principles of decent communication in business relations;
  • does not lead to violation of any binding legal regulations, to anti-social behavior or to the transgression of ethical and moral standards or good practice in any countries or fields in which we carry out our business activities;
  • is always honest, transparent, truthful, and does not spread misleading information or data;
  • is decent, does not reduce human dignity and does not contradict general standards and customs in the respective country and culture;
  • does not support or approve any form of discrimination, including on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation;
  • does not take advantage of the possible ignorance or lack of experience of our customers;
  • does not support the creation of prejudices and superstitions;
  • does not misuse professional data, especially research results or citations from technical and scientific publications;
  • does not hide or mask its true commercial mission and goals;
  • respects the principles of fair competition of competitors, does not denigrate competitors, persons or companies, organizations or institutions, business activity, products or services;
  • does not use the good name of another company, firm, person or institution;
  • does not contain or display any claims, potentially dangerous situations, practices or activities that could cause mental, moral or physical harm to children or adolescents;
  • does not promote wasteful or irrational consumption of raw materials or energy from non-renewable sources, nor does it support behavior that damages the environment beyond a socially acceptable level.


Compliance with this policy applies to all employees of our company as well as employees of subsidiaries and sister companies. We also require compliance with this policy from subcontractors working on our premises. We enforce this policy with all our subcontractors and suppliers. We are governed by the laws of the countries in which we operate and are committed to complying with all such laws during the implementation of this policy.

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