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Grievance procedure policy


We want to ensure that any employee, supplier or community who feels that they have – or may be – affected by our work can be heard and has the right to file an official complaint about unjust treatment, harassment, and/or health and safety concerns and to seek its resolution.

This grievance procedure policy has been created to:

  • ensure all our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders are heard and treated equally,
  • explain the scope and definition of grievances,
  • outline the process for reporting and closing a grievance,
  • describe the disciplinary action steps for policy violations.

A grievance can be filed against any employee, including senior management and shareholders.

Grievance Procedure

Before filing an official grievance complaint, we kindly ask you to review the policy that directly impacts your complaint.

We also encourage you to resolve minor disputes with the help of a human resource department representative (employees) or the respective BU Manager/KAM (suppliers).

If the informal complaint is not fairly and constructively resolved within 30 days, you may file a formal grievance.

Examples of when to file a grievance:

  • You have been victims of workplace harassment.
  • Your health and safety have been compromised.
  • You have witnessed poor supervisor and/or management behavior.
  • There are unjust changes made to the employment agreement.
  • Policy guidelines are violated.
  • There is a dispute between coworkers, suppliers, and/or management.

Grievances can be submitted through any of the following channels:

E-mail: info@quicksource.cz

Web site: www.quicksource.cz

Personally: to a human resources representative and/or to the Managing Partner

Once the complaint has been submitted you have the right to attend meetings with a witness, appeal decisions, and depending on the severity of the complaint, refuse to attend work in your team until the grievance is resolved.

When a grievance is filed against another employee, the accused also reserves the right to:

  • View and request a copy of the official grievance complaint.
  • Formally respond to the complaint.
  • Attend all formal meetings with a witness.
  • Appeal the final decision.

It is our responsibility to:

  • Accept and thoroughly investigate all grievances.
  • Ensure that the grievance is resolved within 60 days, depending on the severity of each case.
  • Treat both the complaintive and the accused fairly throughout the grievance process.
  • Adhere to the no-retaliation policy when employees file a complaint against management.
  • Organize mediation meetings with the appropriate parties.
  • Practice a high level of confidentiality throughout the grievance process.
  • Accept and investigate all appeals.
  • Ensure that the final decision is implemented.
  • Maintain accurate and comprehensive records of each grievance.

If an employee is found to have violated the grievance procedure policy, they will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. The severity of each case will determine the type of disciplinary action, which may include a verbal or written warning, suspension, and/or termination.

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